The Lash Pack showcases new, innovative and exciting products to lash artists.


From adhesives to tweezers, the Lash Pack will feature a diverse range of products to help you master your lashing technique.


Some of the biggest brands in the lash industry will be contributing to this quarterly subscription box, with each box containing a value of at least £60. Simply subscribe using the button below. 

Here's how it works:


By subscribing you agree to pay £12.50 every month, and every 3rd month you'll get your box delivered.


So, each box costs £37.50, but the payments are made monthly to keep them consistent and manageable.


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(Note: Packs will only be sent to UK addresses)


The Lash Pack Subscription Design with Adhesive, Spoolies, Tweezers & Lash Trays

For any enquiries please get in touch using the contact form.